Advanced Web Metrics - book reviews, 1e

The first edition of this Google Analytics book, my first book, was released in March 2008. Writing while still working at Google was a mamouth task that resulted in me sacrifing pretty much every weekend, holiday and evening for 18 months solid. Although things have moved since then (hence the second edition!), I am still proud of the first edition.

Watching such work go to print and then seeing people spending thier hard earned money to purchasing it was always going to be nerve racking the first time. Fortunately, people liked it, learnt that best practise is not just about slapping a few lines of JavaScript code on their pages, and therefore gained value from it. That still makes me emensely proud, which is why I have compiled a summary of all the book reviews on this site.

Nice comments from eminent people who have reviewed the content:
"What?s fantastic about this book is the practical, detailed help it gives you to get real value out of your web analytics tool." - Ashley Friedlein, CEO,
"I can confidently - and certainly plan to - recommend this book to anybody serious about turning web analytics into a competitive advantage." - Dennis R. Mortensen, COO IndexTools Inc .
"This is really a good and solid peace of work, very concise, very educational and very realistic. For the business oriented web guy this book will make sure you squeeze every horsepower out of GA." - Per Lundqvist, Product Manager, Stena Line
"When combined with his knowledge of the internal workings of one of the most popular web analytics tools, the result is a book that not only explains the benefits, but provides specific how-to knowledge on deriving specific value. This is not for dummies and is not a user manual. It is a recipe for measuring your success and optimizing your online marketing. Bon appetite!" - Jim Sterne, Chairman of the Web Analytics Association
"Brian Clifton does a fantastic job of explaining how to effectively power a web analytics strategy using Google Analytics." - Justin Cutroni, Director, Analytics and Testing, EpikOne, Inc .
"Everything you wanted to know about Google Analytics but didn't know where to start! Whether your new to Google Analytics or looking to take your insights to the next level, this book is an essential reference for you." - Neil Mason, Managing Director, Applied Insights

I am aware of a total 38 reviews for the first edition of the Google Analytics book - 33 of them are on Amazon.

Amazon Reviews for the first edition

"This book is extremely comprehensive and does a very good job of introducing Google Analytics to both new users as well as experienced one. Javasript code shows up at various places and is definitely helpful as a reference for making quick changes to your website tags.

If you have a website that uses Google Analytics, just go ahead and buy the book. If you're using other analytic tools, this book is a good introduction to what Google Analytics has to offer." - Vivek V. Chandran (Silicon Valley, CA)

"The bible of Google analytics... it takes even the novice user (like myself) into incredible depths. If you need the ultimate guide, this is it." - Tali Rosen (Tel Aviv, Israel)

"This book is a MUST for anyone who is trying to use Google Analytics. You will probably have to read through it more than once (at least I did) but that is because it was packed with information on how to best implement tracking, comprehend data and use it to improve your site with Google Analytics." - Ryan (USA)

"I found chapter 11 an immeasurable help for guidance in monetizing a non-ecommerce website. Well laid out with useful screenshots and comprehensive scope, this is the one guide you will turn to everyday." - J. Pickle (North Carolina, USA)

" The Best Book on Web Analytics I Have Ever Read... I have yet to come across anything even close to as helpful as this book for both Google and general analytics strategy and techniques." - J. Parker (Austin, TX)

"Bridges the gap between theory and practice... This book has been a wonderful assist in helping me understand how to use the software to get what I want. I'm sure that I will go back to it again and again!" - Rita Williams (Canada)

"I recommend it as a must-have book if you're working with Google Analytics." - Andreas Ramos (Palo Alto, California).

"The use of screen shots was excellent. I often found myself relating pages of the book to my own analytics account and in doing so gaining a better understanding of my own data." - B. J. George (New Zealand)

"It is full of specific and practical tips and uses real world examples to not only demonstrate the how-to, but to illustrate and explain the why-to as well." - Carsten Cumbrowski (Fresno, CA USA)

"This book has taught me a lot of new and interesting things about Google Analytics and I feel sure that I'll be going back to it in the future when I need to know more. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to get the most out of their Google Analytics installation." - David Cross (London, UK)

"If you're interested in the measurement side of online marketing, this book is highly advised. I've you like to learn more, if not everything about the Web Analytics power tool of Google, this book is a must read. You will not regret it." - Rogiers Vladimir (Ghent, Belgium)

"If you are using Google Analytics you absolutely must read this book. Not only does it contain easy to read information on things like top reports and advanced code implementation, it ties implementation and reports in with WHY and HOW you would apply these settings and reports to real world experience, with lots of screen shots to further help understanding." - Kristopher Groulx (Toronto)

Other Reviews for the first edition

  • "Brian: Your recently published web analytics book is fantastic....explanations are clear, concise, organized, authoritative and thorough. Visuals are also very helpful. This is the best book I have encountered on this vast topic. Thanks again - you work is a valuable resource. Happy New Year."
    - Barbara Reiner, Marketing Holistics (USA).

  • "Brian Clifton’s Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics is a ‘must-read’ for all web analyst regardless of the platform they work with." - Hurol Inan (Australia)

  • "Most books either address the broad concepts of web analytics or provide a long list of tips & tricks for a specific product. This is not the case with Brian's book. It's the first one I see that brings the concepts and apply them to a specific tool, namely Google Analytics." Stéphane Hamel, Immeria (Québec, Canada)

  • "This book is all about enhancing your brand and increasing your website’s ROI. While new Google Analytics users can benefit from it, seasoned ones can as well as it hits every end of the user spectrum." - Kate Dickman (MA, USA)

  • "This book certainly goes into more depth when talking about both the technical side of Google Analytics and how to interpret the data than any other book I've read on the subject." - Dave Cross (UK)
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